You already have the skill...

Now use it to create a life you don’t need a break from

How everyday people are turning knowledge they already have into big profits!

More people than ever have had their finances turned upside down in the last year due to the global pandemic. It was a shock to the system. The financial well-being of millions and millions of people took an unexpected and devastating kick to the stomach. I mean, who saw that one coming!?

Businesses lost billions of dollars in Revenue. People lost their homes, their livelihoods. Spending hit record lows and unemployment levels shot through the roof. It was, and is, an absolute horror show.

But while there were millions of us struggling to make ends meet - struggling to pay bills let alone think about saving money or buying a new car, there were a few people out there who actually managed to PROFIT from the disaster.

The E-Learning market (selling knowledge online) is expected to reach $325 BILLION Dollars by 2025. With more and more of us stuck at home, we have been turning to learning online.

Do you sense an opportunity here?

Hi my name is Tenille Williams,
I’ve sold courses all over the world.

If you have a Business where you serve other people, I can teach you how to do the same.

Darran's Journey

After growing his dog training business with the help of Tenille's Masterclass, it was time for Darran to expand into the world of online courses. This has been his biggest year yet in his business!

Is this course for me?

You have a service based business already. People love it. Why wouldn’t they!? You work hard and you’re good at what you do!

But as we’ve seen already, now is not the time to leave all of these customers hanging! Millions of people all across the world are crying out for people

Tenille’s ‘Online Course Journey’ is a wonderful balance of knowledge, learning about the mindset of running your business and the step by step actions to take to achieve your business goals, and furthermore showing you how to acquire the ability to take these new skills online, resulting in benefits Tenille also touches on.

Pleasant to listen to and fun, this is not a course you will be bored tackling. Being about online business, it is easy pause the video, follow along and complete the tasks, then resume the course as often as needed. She also discusses the optimal time to take action on certain steps. Thanks so much Tenille!

- Michele Lewis

5 reasons to start creating your course today:

Use the skills and knowledge you already have to teach and empower people - you’re helping people.

It’s a nice thing to do!

Make money when you’re not working - people can buy the amazing course you’ve created, all day everyday!

The online course industry is exploding right now - and it’s only getting bigger..

Lifestyle - since your course has given you some new found freedom, you can spend your days however you want. Ahh, now that sounds nice!

Low start up costs compared to a traditional, physical Business - you can get started with a relatively small amount of money, meaning you will see a return on your investment a lot faster!

Does that sound like something you could work with!?

I thought it might!!

I know what you’re thinking now though. And I know it because every single successful course creator that is now living life a life most people could only dream of, once had this exact same thought.

‘‘Tenille, how do I know that people will buy my course? Do people want to learn the skills I have?’’

Well, let's think about it for a minute.

Let’s say you’re a mechanic. Or a chef. Maybe you’re a Dog Trainer like me. You could be a hairdresser, personal trainer, tutor, Business Consultant or a thousand other things.

To you, your skill seems easy. It’s effortless. You don’t even think about it.

But here’s the kicker.. Other people don't know what you know! To you it's the easiest thing in the world - to the rest of us, it's near impossible and we’d love to learn how to do it!

That’s where you come in - to rescue the day for the rest of us!!

Take my friend Josh for example. 26 years old and he couldn't make eggs on toast. No exaggeration here - his cooking was absolutely horrendous. He’s never been taught, so how would he know how?

Because his food was so foul, he hated cooking. He refused to do it and lived on takeout, literally lived on it. I mean to be fair, I’d rather eat takeout everyday than put Josh’ cooking anywhere near my mouth.

So I bought him a course on cooking. A basic, easy to follow, 4 step beginner course where someone who knew how to cook, could break it down for him simply, and show him the fundamentals.

He learnt which temperatures you should cook at. He learnt how to store food. How to prepare it. And how to cook it.

To you and I, these things are pretty straightforward, aren’t they? Cooking is easy, isn’t it?

But if there are people out there that don't know how to cook a simple meal like eggs on toast, would it be fair to say that there are people out there who don’t know how to do what your business does?

What are you going to learn?

My comprehensive and jam-packed industry leading course holds your hand while we walk through all of the key factors that will make your first online course a success; no stone left unturned, nothing left to chance.

  • Retain existing clients - and pivot to video calls NOW
  • Plan out your course content - to give your customers what they REALLY want.
  • Launch rapidly - Get your offer out to the market almost instantly AND get paid to create your course (yes you did read that correctly!).
  • ​Sell sell sell! How to get your course out there to the millions of people learning online everyday!
  • ​Creating your awesome program is one piece of the puzzle, but finding people who want to learn what you have to offer is the rest of the jigsaw.
  • ​Getting your course in front of the right people is half the battle! Thankfully, both of these critical components are covered in intricate detail at The Online Course Journey.

What Will You Create?

We’ve talked in a good amount of depth about the skills you have.

We know that people want you to teach them. And we’ve found you the place to create, launch and sell your brand new money making venture online.

Now it’s over to you. This is an amazing chance to secure yourself freedom, earn money whilst you’re away from work and live a life that you don't need to take a break from!!

You’re sitting on a Gold Mine of knowledge that can change your future, and your family's future.

You’re not the type of person to let an opportunity like that pass you by, are you?

Module Zero: Adapt Now

Pivot To Video Consultations For Your Clients

Before you spend hours creating an online course, adapt to the current situation by offering video calls NOW so you can keep your cash flow. We'll cover how to use Zoom, how to price video sessions, how to sell group zoom classes and how to run distance training sessions via video call.

Module One

Setting The Course

  • The mindset and habits that will help you during this process so that you can be unstoppable in reaching your goals
  • ​A bird’s eye view of the plan for your launch so that you know what to expect
  • The course structures to choose from and their pros and cons so that you know which type will work best for your work style
  • ​What you will need when it comes to the best tech options so that you can create and sell your course with the least amount of headaches possible

Module Two

Who Are You Talking To?

  • How to determine who you are really selling to and what your niche should be, so that you are really clear in your messaging
  • ​How to figure out exactly what your ideal customer wants and needs your help for
  • ​A guide on writing the content outline for your course so that you know exactly what to include
  • ​How to decide on a price for your course

Module Three

Growing Your Audience

  • How to determine who you are really selling to and what your niche should be, so that you are really clear in your messaging
  • ​How to figure out exactly what your ideal customer wants and needs your help for
  • ​A guide on writing the content outline for your course so that you know exactly what to include
  • ​How to decide on a price for your course

Module Three

Growing Your Audience

  • How to build your email list during and between launches so that your empire is always expanding
  • ​How to create beautiful images for your courses so your digital items look amazing
  • ​Learn how and where to get more leads for free so that have all the tools to keep growing that list
  • ​Create fillable PDFs for your course so that your students have beautiful and easy to use workbooks
  • ​The ins and outs of hiring a virtual assistant so you can work towards being less hands on in your business and step into the role of CEO

Module Four

Delivering Your Course

  • Setting up your member portal so your students have access to their material and everything matches your branding
  • ​Setting up your member portal so your students have access to their material and everything matches your branding
  • ​An in depth lesson on video creation - lights, cameras, sound, angles and what tech you need and don’t need - so you can get started asap without breaking the bank

Module Five

Facebook Ads Strategy

  • Learn step by step instructions on running Facebook ads to grow your audience and increase your sales
  • ​Learn how to retarget people who have visited certain pages of your website so you can customise your ads and what message you send
  • ​Craft a Facebook ad that looks good and performs well

Module Six


  • ​This module is the meat and potatoes of the Online Course Journey
  • ​Learn how to plan out your launch process every step of the way
  • ​Use a launch calendar so you know which step to take on which day and launch your course within 30 days
  • ​Get people applying to join a hot audience of people who are interested in your course topic so that when sales time comes, they’re excited to buy
  • ​Learn how to run a free challenge in a way that promotes sales
  • ​Synchronise your emails, set up automations and provide an enjoyable experience for your members

Module Seven

Open Cart & Your Offer

  • ​In this module we hone in on making the sale so you can get as many excited new members in your course as possible
  • ​Create a sales page and learn how to write copy that converts
  • ​Set up automated sales emails so that when the time comes, things flow easily
  • ​Use Facebook ads to retarget your most interested followers at the right time
  • ​Execute a streamlined cart close so you can finish on a high
  • ​Evaluate how your launch went and celebrate that you did it!
  • ​Learn the bench mark numbers and how to determine any areas that you can improve on

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