Learn how to create an email opt-in page as you build it with this instructional template

Simply Fill In The Template Using The Prompts And You're Ready To Go!

  • Start your free account on Systeme.io - the platform that allows you to build landing pages and funnels, grow an email list, send email campaigns and automation, and host your courses and downloads
  • Import the opt-in funnel template to your account in one click
  • Edit the template to suit your niche and offer
  • You can connect your new opt-in page to your email list within Systeme.io and start growing your list

Why Should You Grow An Email List?

Growing an online audience can be hard work - after all that effort, you want to be able to keep in touch with your followers without being at the whim of the changing algorithms of social media platforms.

Email is still one of the most effective ways to stay top of mind with your contacts and actually have your updates seen. If you are thinking about offering an online course in the future, an email list is essential.

Having your contacts on an email list means that you have more control over whether your messages are being seen by those who opted in to see them.

Plus, your email list is your own - you never lose access to your audience.

How Does The Instructional Template Work?

Do you want to offer a free download to your audience and grow an email list? You'll need an opt-in page!

This template is built in Syteme.io, which is the platform I now use to build my webpages, funnels, courses, email newsletters and automation.

Let's just say that when I started using this platform, I fell in love with it. I've tried a lot of platforms, all the big names, and this is my favourite by far.

This templated is designed to create a landing page where you offer something of value to your audience for free. They fill in the form and subscribe to your email list so that you can send them their freebie and keep in touch.

You can then easily keep in touch with your people, build your fanbase and send them offers, like your online courses or services.

  • A free account includes all features and is enough to get you started with up to 2000 email contacts
  • When you receive the instructional template and click the link to open it, you will be guided to start your free account and easily add the opt-in funnel template straight to your dashboard
  • Enter the editor (super intuitive and easy to use) and follow the prompts, swapping out the text and images for your own information
  • You will be able to customize the click-pop form where your audience will enter their details
  • Once the form is submitted, the person will be taken to the thank you page, which is the next step in the template and is ready for you to edit and make your own

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